Learning to Stay Busy

    If you happen to find yourself in central Wisconsin, stop in at to see the new exhibit put on by The Beaver Dam Arts Association.  The theme of the exhibit is "Poetry of Nature" and runs now through May 22.  

    BDAA is housed in The Seipple Center for the Arts located at 1605 N. Spring Street.  The hours are Wednesday-Sunday 1:00-4:00pm.  Two floors of art fill a beautiful old farm house on the edge of BeaverDam.  The take a stroll through the town and check out some of the magnificent victorian houses or have a picnic in one of the parks over looking the lake.

    Keep your eyes peeled for my upcoming posts about all the exhibits planned in the next couple of months.  It's an exciting time in my life and so many paintings just waiting to be born!

Thanks for reading!


Cityscapes Art Exhibit

Just a quick note. I am honored to be a part of The BeaverDam Artists Association newest exhibit "CITYSCAPES". The opening was today and it runs through October 18, 2015. If you just happen to find yourself meandering through BeaverDam or Horicon, Wisconsin, stop in and peruse the fine art hanging in the Siepple Homestead Center for the Arts. It's located at 1605 Spring street in BeaverDam. For architecture buffs, it's part of a great old house open to all. 

Finding The Time

  There are times in our lives when we all feel overwhelmed with life tasks that need of have to be done.  I can't tell you how many times I have thought, "If only I had the time to..."
  I am learning that I can accomplish a surprising amount of things when I stop overloading myself, lesson the work load and use even a little bit of my time every day to clear my head and let all the garbage float away.  I've seen this referred to as "Eating the Elephant".  When you have a big task to accomplish and it feels overwhelming, do just a little  every day and eventually it will be finished. 
  I have also started to plan my days hour by hour and even though things sometimes come up and I often have to adjust my time schedule, I find that I finish most of my daily agenda. 
  Making positive changes in my life has helped fill my paintings with more feeling, more intensity, more life.  I will be heading out to Michigan at the end of summer for a workshop to help with my technical skills and until then, I will be working on my internal skills of seeing and paying closer attention to the landscape surrounding me.  
  Life is a continuous path.

On Being A Full Time Artist

        It seems to me that there are many artists out there asking the question, "How do I become a full-time artist?"  
Most artists who are not full time have the dream to leave their day jobs behind and live in the world as purely creative souls.  If I could give this to any of these artists I would not hesitate to grant their wish.  We need as many artists as the human race can support.  
    I can suggest that we all continue trying and let hope remain strong in our spirit, but also, the greatest advice I've heard from multiple sources, is do what you love and do it every day.  EVERY DAY.  Even if you only have 15 minutes while you drink a cup of coffee in the morning, make a little sketch.  This keeps your creative spirit active and involved with your art.  
    There are some wonderful books on art and drawing by Frederick Franck, "The Zen of Seeing" and "Life Drawing Life" are the two I've read.  In them he writes about drawing the "1000 things around you" and how this exercise keeps your skills growing and improving and at the same time you have fun.  It doesn't matter if they suck or are great, no one has to see them, they are only for you and your artist self.
    I carry a sketch book with me almost everywhere I go just in case the mood strikes me and I find an image I want to save.  I think of myself as an artist, I act as an artist, therefore, I am an artist.
Life is beautiful!
Thanks for reading,





Feels Like Summer

    We have been blessed with a summer like day here in eastern Wisconsin.  I have spent the majority of the day outside without a jacket and as I write I am sitting outside my neighborhood coffee shop with a mug of strong brew enjoying the sunshine.  Yards have bloomed, the trees are mostly green and the garden stores are filled with optimistic folk getting ready to plant.
    I felt enthusiastic to buy some seeds and a couple of patio planters and will attempt to grow a little variety of edibles and herbs with a few flowers thrown in for color.  Digging in the dirt is therapeutic and a form of art that will bring color and life to my little outside space and with any luck I will have some fresh vegetables as a bonus!  
    It is very probable that you will see some paintings and drawings of the deck as it comes to life and I am able to pull my portable easel out of it's corner and brush away the dust.
Happy gardening!
Thanks for reading,

Broken Car Discount!

    We've all been there one time or another.  You feel you are just starting to pull yourself up financially and then bam! Something needs repair or you get an unexpected bill in the mail. Such is life, but I've turned the bad luck of my broken car around and have decided to give everyone the chance to donate to my auto repair bill and in return I will send you the painting of your choice!

From now until May 16, 2015 at 11:38 am, Wisconsin time, get 20% off any painting in my website shop. Such a deal!  (And my mechanic will be able to retire.) Simply add coupon code "fixmycar2015" at checkout and I'll send your painting out within a couple of days.  And if that's not enough, Milwaukee residents get free delivery!

Thank's for reading!


Shed Your Jacket's!

I feel lucky to be a part of this day.  The tree's seem to have grown leaves overnight, the sky is a brilliant blue and the grey clouds have blown away.  It it the first day warm enough to sit outside and draw so I will make this short and sweet.  Stop cleaning, shopping or working on your computer and get outside!  Happy day!

Thanks for reading,



Spring and New Life

I Know that i can speak for most people here in Wisconsin when I say that I am ready for some warmer weather and green tree's.  As I walk around my neighborhood I see new life slowly coming up out of the ground and budding on the tree's.  We have thankfully had enough rain to turn our grass beautiful shades of green and it makes me want to paint everything in sight,  I painted my share of winter and snow and enjoyed taking the time to really see all the colors that snow and winter light create, but it is time to move on and spend some time soaking up the sun and the brightness spring life has to offer.

On the business side of my art life, I now have some of my work listed on http://fineartamerica.com where you can get varying sizes of prints, greeting cards of my paintings and even cell phone covers!  

Enjoy the days of warming!

Thank you for reading,


The Greening

    The ice and snow have melted and soon the trees will bud, flowers will begin to pop through the ever softening soil and the grass will turn blessedly green.  This is the time of year when creative souls slowly crawl out of their darkened winter spaces and begin the process of rebirth.  
    In Wisconsin the winters cold can drag out well into late spring and this makes it less than desirable to work outside.  However, there is the the need to get out and discover the earth and the new growth that is so abundant even in our cities. Inspiration is everywhere!
    With this in mind, I urge all of you to get out and breath in some life, make a few sketches, take some photographs or just take a moment to enjoy the imagery that you pass through every day.
    Feel the joy in natures creations!


Mid Winter Blues

    Winter can play havoc with our environment and our emotions.  For many artists sunlight is the best light as it is natural and shows true color values, but this time of year in Wisconsin it seems there is never enough direct sunlight.  One of the greatest things about being an artist is that we can paint our own sunshine.  Cold grey days are transformed into green, sun filled moments on canvas or paper.  
    I am trying something different this year.  Instead of fighting the cold, grey washed out whiteness, I am embracing it and painting winter as it shows itself.  I am looking at nature as she is and seeing colors I've never noticed before as I rushed from house to car and back again.  The subtlety became less and I noticed more of the many colors variations of snow and ice.  
    Happy Painting!


Holiday Time

We all know that this can be a difficult time of year for many people.  The weather, money problems and the holidays themselves can add stress to our lives.  For me, painting has made a pivotal change in my life and has helped me to work through difficult times.  It has become a form of deep meditation and has brought even greater joy now that I can easily share more of it with all of you.  It is my hope that my work will inspire other artists to create but also to inspire peace in the hearts of many.

Have a joyful holiday and new year.



First Website Sale

I've had my website up and live for 5 full days.  Today I made the first sale directly as a result of my site.  I am grateful for the buyer and all the people who have purchased art work from me in the past.  I am also grateful for my friend Carl without whose help I'd still be trying to figure out all of the technical stuff.

Now I just have to paint, paint and paint some more! It's a good day.