Feels Like Summer

    We have been blessed with a summer like day here in eastern Wisconsin.  I have spent the majority of the day outside without a jacket and as I write I am sitting outside my neighborhood coffee shop with a mug of strong brew enjoying the sunshine.  Yards have bloomed, the trees are mostly green and the garden stores are filled with optimistic folk getting ready to plant.
    I felt enthusiastic to buy some seeds and a couple of patio planters and will attempt to grow a little variety of edibles and herbs with a few flowers thrown in for color.  Digging in the dirt is therapeutic and a form of art that will bring color and life to my little outside space and with any luck I will have some fresh vegetables as a bonus!  
    It is very probable that you will see some paintings and drawings of the deck as it comes to life and I am able to pull my portable easel out of it's corner and brush away the dust.
Happy gardening!
Thanks for reading,