On Being A Full Time Artist

        It seems to me that there are many artists out there asking the question, "How do I become a full-time artist?"  
Most artists who are not full time have the dream to leave their day jobs behind and live in the world as purely creative souls.  If I could give this to any of these artists I would not hesitate to grant their wish.  We need as many artists as the human race can support.  
    I can suggest that we all continue trying and let hope remain strong in our spirit, but also, the greatest advice I've heard from multiple sources, is do what you love and do it every day.  EVERY DAY.  Even if you only have 15 minutes while you drink a cup of coffee in the morning, make a little sketch.  This keeps your creative spirit active and involved with your art.  
    There are some wonderful books on art and drawing by Frederick Franck, "The Zen of Seeing" and "Life Drawing Life" are the two I've read.  In them he writes about drawing the "1000 things around you" and how this exercise keeps your skills growing and improving and at the same time you have fun.  It doesn't matter if they suck or are great, no one has to see them, they are only for you and your artist self.
    I carry a sketch book with me almost everywhere I go just in case the mood strikes me and I find an image I want to save.  I think of myself as an artist, I act as an artist, therefore, I am an artist.
Life is beautiful!
Thanks for reading,