Shed Your Jacket's!

I feel lucky to be a part of this day.  The tree's seem to have grown leaves overnight, the sky is a brilliant blue and the grey clouds have blown away.  It it the first day warm enough to sit outside and draw so I will make this short and sweet.  Stop cleaning, shopping or working on your computer and get outside!  Happy day!

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Spring and New Life

I Know that i can speak for most people here in Wisconsin when I say that I am ready for some warmer weather and green tree's.  As I walk around my neighborhood I see new life slowly coming up out of the ground and budding on the tree's.  We have thankfully had enough rain to turn our grass beautiful shades of green and it makes me want to paint everything in sight,  I painted my share of winter and snow and enjoyed taking the time to really see all the colors that snow and winter light create, but it is time to move on and spend some time soaking up the sun and the brightness spring life has to offer.

On the business side of my art life, I now have some of my work listed on where you can get varying sizes of prints, greeting cards of my paintings and even cell phone covers!  

Enjoy the days of warming!

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The Greening

    The ice and snow have melted and soon the trees will bud, flowers will begin to pop through the ever softening soil and the grass will turn blessedly green.  This is the time of year when creative souls slowly crawl out of their darkened winter spaces and begin the process of rebirth.  
    In Wisconsin the winters cold can drag out well into late spring and this makes it less than desirable to work outside.  However, there is the the need to get out and discover the earth and the new growth that is so abundant even in our cities. Inspiration is everywhere!
    With this in mind, I urge all of you to get out and breath in some life, make a few sketches, take some photographs or just take a moment to enjoy the imagery that you pass through every day.
    Feel the joy in natures creations!


Mid Winter Blues

    Winter can play havoc with our environment and our emotions.  For many artists sunlight is the best light as it is natural and shows true color values, but this time of year in Wisconsin it seems there is never enough direct sunlight.  One of the greatest things about being an artist is that we can paint our own sunshine.  Cold grey days are transformed into green, sun filled moments on canvas or paper.  
    I am trying something different this year.  Instead of fighting the cold, grey washed out whiteness, I am embracing it and painting winter as it shows itself.  I am looking at nature as she is and seeing colors I've never noticed before as I rushed from house to car and back again.  The subtlety became less and I noticed more of the many colors variations of snow and ice.  
    Happy Painting!