Finding The Time

  There are times in our lives when we all feel overwhelmed with life tasks that need of have to be done.  I can't tell you how many times I have thought, "If only I had the time to..."
  I am learning that I can accomplish a surprising amount of things when I stop overloading myself, lesson the work load and use even a little bit of my time every day to clear my head and let all the garbage float away.  I've seen this referred to as "Eating the Elephant".  When you have a big task to accomplish and it feels overwhelming, do just a little  every day and eventually it will be finished. 
  I have also started to plan my days hour by hour and even though things sometimes come up and I often have to adjust my time schedule, I find that I finish most of my daily agenda. 
  Making positive changes in my life has helped fill my paintings with more feeling, more intensity, more life.  I will be heading out to Michigan at the end of summer for a workshop to help with my technical skills and until then, I will be working on my internal skills of seeing and paying closer attention to the landscape surrounding me.  
  Life is a continuous path.

Shed Your Jacket's!

I feel lucky to be a part of this day.  The tree's seem to have grown leaves overnight, the sky is a brilliant blue and the grey clouds have blown away.  It it the first day warm enough to sit outside and draw so I will make this short and sweet.  Stop cleaning, shopping or working on your computer and get outside!  Happy day!

Thanks for reading,



The Greening

    The ice and snow have melted and soon the trees will bud, flowers will begin to pop through the ever softening soil and the grass will turn blessedly green.  This is the time of year when creative souls slowly crawl out of their darkened winter spaces and begin the process of rebirth.  
    In Wisconsin the winters cold can drag out well into late spring and this makes it less than desirable to work outside.  However, there is the the need to get out and discover the earth and the new growth that is so abundant even in our cities. Inspiration is everywhere!
    With this in mind, I urge all of you to get out and breath in some life, make a few sketches, take some photographs or just take a moment to enjoy the imagery that you pass through every day.
    Feel the joy in natures creations!