Artist Statement

I find myself drawn to earth, water and the horizon.  It may be that I am looking for something or my curiosity for what is out there is great and so that is my starting point for a painting. 

It is only in recent years that I realized how much more interesting my work becomes when I focus as much on the foreground space as I do on a point in the distance.

In studying some Japanese art ad block printing, I noticed that the artists often placed an image in the foreground of their composition to draw the viewers eye in and then pull it through to the remainder of the piece.  In doing so the artist becomes part of the painting or print as if they are drawing or painting from the view surrounding themselves. 

In my own work I have used this technique because I like the depth and perspective it gives to my paintings.  Many people have described my work as paintings they feel they could walk in to, sit down and stay a while.

I begin a painting with an image in my mind, sometimes it is from a place I’ve been and either made a sketch or photographed.  Sometimes I begin a painting with a photograph to assure the proportions are correct and soon the painting takes on its own life and I simply paint along with its vibrations.  Occasionally, I have an abstract image in mind, but always, nature is the life force that pulls it all together.

Clouds have begun to play a large part in my work.  They are dreamy and I like the way they want a viewer to watch them and feel the silence of floating through the sky or the power of a summer storm.  I think they give a landscape a powerful mood of movement and great depth.

I am a great lover of nature and believe that the natural world tells us all we need to know to survive and live.  I believe that beauty and love are the key to happiness and in my paintings I want only to show the joy I feel for life.

 I paint because I want to share the way I see the world.  



-M. Jennifer Hochschild